SiMpLiFy....PriMiTiVe DoLL with PeArs and CroW..

Here is a wonderfully prim doll that I made using a Bluemoon beginnings doll..I did change her up quite a bit..but love how Simple and prim she turned out..She is made of stained muslin..Her body is ragged stuffed Her top is made of stained muslin and her skirt is a red checked fabric..For her apron I used a flour sack and added a machine stitched design on the pocket that says: her hands are 2 pears with a pesky crow in the center with a rusty bell wrapped around his little neck..They are all attached with the rusty wire onto both of her arms..Her nose and mouth are pinched stitched on and she has stitched eyebrows and button eyes..her hair is flax that has been stitched on.She can sit or hang. She measures approx. 24 inches tall. She also has a fancy rusty bell/safety pin broche on...
She is $33.00 + shipping
My dolls are for decoration only.
I accept Paypal (prefered) money orders, and cashiers checks..I will ship once I have money in hand.